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Vacation Planning | Genie+ Reservations


You’ve booked your Disney World or Disneyland vacation, but now you aren’t sure how to work Genie+. I can help you!


As a travel agent, I help my clients learn the ins and outs of Genie+, and I can do the same for you! When you purchase a Genie+ Reservations option, we will schedule a call and/or email to review of your vacation wishes within 24-48 hours. Once your vacation begins, I’ll both train you on the Genie+ system and book one day of Genie+ Reservations for you!


All pricing is per day. If you would like only training on Genie+, only purchase one day. If you’d like to have me book Genie+ reservations for you, please purchase the number of days needed.




What’s Included?

• Q+A planning session

• booking of genie+ reservations per day

• genie+ training + strategies


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