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Dave’s Snowballs | Pensacola, FL

Let me just start this by saying that I’m obsessed with snowballs. I grew up in Louisiana, and it’s a summertime staple. If we’re all going to be slowly melting into the concrete 7-9 months out of the year, we earn the right to drink pure sugar syrupy goodness topped with condensed milk with no regrets.

When we were living in Mississippi, the closest option to us was 3 towns over, and they were only open a few hours a day {aka – Jordan didn’t get snowballs}. So you can imagine my excitement when I figured out that Dave’s Snowballs was right over the bridge from us in Perdido Key!

Dave’s is a super cute place that has beachy written all over it. Just a heads up, there is no indoor seating and the bathroom is a port-a-potty, so if you are weird about that, I’d go before you get here. We usually get our snowballs and jump in the car to go eat them on the beach, but there’s a covered area with picnic tables there if you sit and stay for a while.

There are 100+ flavors for you to choose from, so be prepared for option overload. {Can we talk about the flavors? It made my Disney heart skip a beat!} I usually alternate between Watermelon + Condensed Milk or Wedding Cake + Condensed Milk, and John usually changes it up each time, but he’s been getting BB-8 a lot lately. My #1 tip for ordering is to size up your cup, so if I’m ordering a small snowball, I’ll ask for it in a medium cup. It won’t look like this photo and will probably have a flat top, but your 4 year old {or me if we’re being honest} also won’t have it melting down their arms.



  • Sunday – Saturday | 12pm – 10pm


  • Kiddie – $2.00
  • Small – $2.50
  • Medium – $3.00
  • Large – $3.50
  • Jumbo – $5.00


  • Condensed Milk – $.50
  • Chocolate Syrup – $.50
  • Strawberry Syrup – $.50
  • Whipped Cream – $.50
  • Marshmallow Topping – $.50
  • Scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream {Stuffed Snowball} – $1.00

If you’re in the area and looking for a sweet stop, we can’t recommend Dave’s Snowballs enough. And now that I’ve been writing about it, I’m about to go get one for myself!

1 thought on “Dave’s Snowballs | Pensacola, FL”

  1. It is a summer tradition for all of our summer visitors to get their photo taken at Dave’s Sno-Balls. A refreshing stop on a hot day!

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