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Date Night in Downtown Pensacola

Last night wasn’t supposed to be date night. The plan was to go pick up our laundry, exchange the overalls that I mistakenly thought that I could pull off at Old Navy, maybe walk around the mall for a little bit, and swing through somewhere to grab food on the way home. But then we got to Old Navy and I found a pretty dress for 60% off that I felt the need to wear right then, and we were hungry. So I changed in the car, and we went to Downtown Pensacola.

I had been talking about a coffee shop downtown called The Bodacious Brew for 2 days, so we stopped there first because caffeine was beyond necessary. The really cool thing about this place is that it’s really 4 shops in one gorgeous building: The Bodacious Brew, The Bodacious Olive, So Chopped, and So Gourmet {plus The Bodacious Brew Thru a block down the road}. While we really went to grab a quick cup of coffee because they were closing in 15 minutes, we quickly were sucked into The Bodacious Olive trying a few of the balsamic vinegars, and holy cow, they were incredible. Some of our standouts were Honey Ginger, Gravenstein Apple, and Coconut, and we’ll definitely be back soon and not 15 minutes before closing to try more and buy a few bottles! And at that point, we’ll also remember to take photos and show you how cool this place is.

We walked across the street to Al Fresco for dinner, and John was super excited because he has been dying to eat here since we moved! It’s an open patio area with a few local food trucks in Airstreams, and you can get things like tacos, Asian fusion, cajun food, or oysters. We opted for tacos from Calavera Tacos, and we were not disappointed! The tacos were incredible and pretty cheap, so we got 5 total: Santa Maria, Hurricane Shrimp, Sanchez, Pacos Taco, and Ceviche. Some chips and salsa came with the tacos, but you can get more for only $3.50. Also, I am definitely trying the CaliMex next trip because it sounds amazing! We spent about $20 total including 2 bottles of water.

We wandered around a little after dinner with no real place to go taking a few photos, and that was our impromptu date night in Downtown Pensacola. It was cheap, super fun, and it was a great excuse to wear a pretty dress. So until next time…

our outfits: my dress | my shoes | his shirt {similar} | his shorts

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