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Little Vickers | The Pregnancy

Just in case you missed it…


Sugar, Butter, Flour, + a Baby

Waitress the Musical is one of my absolute favorite musicals. One of my prouder moments in life was when I realized that I can bake a double batch of king cakes from scratch and clean the kitchen in the time that it takes to listen to the whole soundtrack. But I digress. The storyline of Waitress the Musical {like the movie} centers around Jenna finding out that she’s having a baby, and her friends are the ones who finally make her take the test – while they wait outside of the bathroom.

I was lucky enough to see Waitress on Broadway in April with my own set of friends. I had a feeling that I probably needed to take a pregnancy test somewhere halfway through “She Used to Be Mine”. So in real NYC fashion, I popped into the Duane Reade on the block between the theatre and our hotel to buy a test. I had no intention of taking it that night because early tests rarely show positive unless you take them first thing in the morning. But my friends made me take the test that night – you guessed it – while they waited outside of the bathroom. To all of our surprise, it was positive! So basically I’m now Jenna with a much better husband.

Telling Everyone

I was in New York with friends for a work trip, so that meant that I had to keep the biggest secret of my life from John {and everyone else} until I got back home the next night. My friend Danielle helped me find a onesie in Times Square before we had to catch our flights, so I at least had a plan for telling him at that point. I got to the airport and realized that my last flight was delayed by hours, and that meant that I was going to be at least 3 hours later getting home. So now we’re pushing 24 full hours of secret keeping, and John kept calling and just wanting to talk. Do you know how hard it is to talk to the person that you’re surprising ALL DAY LONG without spilling the beans?! Basically I deserve an award, but it was worth it to be able to see his reaction in person – even if my video doesn’t really show him because I was trying to act cool and I was holding the camera between my knees.

Over the next week, we were able to visit our families and friends to tell them! I was only 5 weeks at that point, so yes, we told people REALLY early. We were so excited that we couldn’t hold it in, and we wanted to be able to celebrate it openly and not have to keep it to ourselves. Telling everyone was when it felt real for me. Well, that and the morning sickness…

Pregnancy So Far

I’m not going to lie – pregnancy was hard. I felt terrible pretty much the entire time unless I was on some sort of medicine, and even then, it didn’t always help. On a positive note, dropping 15-20 pounds early on has really helped in the quest to not gain 85 pounds while pregnant! At 27 weeks, I was still within a pound or two of my pre-pregnancy weight, and only ended up gaining about 12 pounds between weeks 27-39. I’m not even kidding when I say that my entire body relaxed and felt more normal as soon as I pushed Eliza out. Pregnancy did not agree with me in the slightest, but I survived. Doesn’t mean I want to do it again, but I survived.

One of the things that I wasn’t prepared for was how quickly my body would change and how it would change. We’re warned about “pregnancy boobs” and your pants not fitting the same, but no one really tells you about your muscles randomly feeling like jelly, feeling like the baby might actually fall out of you because gravity, and that even breathing feels different almost immediately too. I got out of breath walking around Target at 10 weeks! I was told that didn’t happen until the baby was bigger and pushing on your lungs. Not true.

My Outfit Favorites for Pregnancy

I have been able to wear non-maternity clothes for the most part, and I particularly live in dresses so I can wear compression shorts or Spanx leggings + maternity tank tops with a cardigan, denim jacket, or shirt tied around my waist {see photos above for proof}. Summer in Florida calls for both compression and cool clothes, and this is what has worked for me so far. You can find all of the outfit details in the links below:

Bonus: Things Not to Do/Say to Pregnant Women

  • “I was sicker than you was when I was pregnant” or “it’s only for the first trimester” because that’s like saying “you only have the flu for 3 months so get over it”
  • “You look so big!” because that’s only cute when you’re 5 and want to be a “big kid”
  • “I bet you’re eating a TON” or generally making any kind of comment about the food that she might be holding. Let me eat my Pop Tart in peace, dang it!
  • Touching them. Anywhere. But ESPECIALLY their stomach. I’ve decided that I’m just going to start touching people’s stomachs back until they’re uncomfortable too.

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