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Doc’s Seafood Shack & Oyster Bar | Orange Beach, AL

Doc’s Seafood Shack and Oyster Bar in Orange Beach, Alabama makes a pretty bold claim to be the “best fried shrimp in the entire civilized world”, and we were obviously a little skeptical. I mean, entire civilized world? That’s serious.

Our friend, Travis, was in town for a few nights between concerts/festivals {you can see his incredible photos here!}, and we decided to see if the shrimp really lived up to the hype. It was pretty late and not on a weekend when we went to Doc’s, so we didn’t have much of a wait at all. If you try to go on a Friday night during the summer, you will probably {definitely} have to wait, so be prepared.

First things first – when a waiter brings my drink out with a refill pitcher, I immediately fall in love. Coke is my drug of choice, and a waiter who makes sure that I am consistently supplied will always get a great tip, but that’s neither here nor there.

John and I decided to split Doc’s Super Seafood Platter so we could try a little of everything, and it came with a cup of seafood gumbo. As a Louisiana girl, I’m very particular about my gumbo, and this was a great gumbo!

Doc’s Super Seafood Platter came with fried fish, fried oysters, fried stuffed crab, and the famed fried shrimp with fries, cole slaw, and hushpuppies  {plus the gumbo} for $26.99.

Guys, this didn’t disappoint! Everything was great, but there’s a reason that these are called the best fried shrimp in the entire civilized world! Travis ordered Doc’s Famous Fried Shrimp, and even though everything else was delicious, I’m going to order the same thing next time. Doc’s Famous Fried Shrimp comes in two sizes: Little ‘Un for $16.99 or Big ‘Un for $18.99. It also comes with french fries or a baked potato, cole slaw, and hushpuppies.

Overall, this was an incredible experience: the service, the atmosphere, the food. If you’re in the Orange Beach area, this is definitely a place that you need to check out!

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