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Why We Needed a Break from Disney

Yep. You read that right. We needed a break from Disney. We have been married for 3.5 years, and we’ve been on about 50 vacations together and they were mostly to Disney World. I mean, no regrets at all, but it was just time for a break.

Let me just start by saying this: Disney World is a hard vacation. It’s not calm or relaxing. You do not go home refreshed and ready to tackle life. You go home and need another vacation to recover from the vacation. It’s HARD. You’re walking 10+ miles a day in crazy heat surrounded by thousands of people. With that said, we still love Disney trips! But you go knowing what you’re getting into.

Even with knowing what we were getting into, sometimes it’s hard to feel the magic when you’re getting yelled at by a 60 year old grandma who doesn’t want anyone within 5 feet of her fireworks spot and the Cast Member is trying to fit as many people in the area as possible. Yes, that really happened, and then she pushed me, called me something magical, and hit me on the back of the head so hard that my Mickey Ears fell off. But I digress…

For a long time, Disney was my escape from my real life. I didn’t love where we lived, and I jumped at every opportunity to leave – even if it was just for 36 hours. However, we moved in March, and I was {am} in love with our new home! It’s hard to want to leave home when you live in a cute beachy town and it’s off season.

Even when we were in Orlando in March and April, we slowly found ourselves spending more and more time at Disney Springs or off property than in the parks. We had more fun with our Disney friends going to grab dinner at a resort or just sitting at their house drinking coffee {you the real MVPs, Max and Jenny} than we did pushing through crowds to ride Space Mountain again.

We let our annual passes expire in April because we were about to move to Florida {hello, Florida resident discount!}, but we were honestly in no hurry to renew them. We even spent a few days at Beach Club with my family in May, and we never went to the parks. We did dinners at resorts, lunch with friends off property, and even a day at Universal. And we didn’t really miss the Disney parks that much…

So now it’s almost August, and we’re 2 weeks away from our next trip to Disney World. Once we started planning it, we realized how much we missed it! We may not be in the parks the whole time that we’re there, but we’re finally ready to be back in the parks. We’ve been listening to park music and talking about Fastpasses and all of the new snacks that we want to try, and this isn’t how we felt at all just a few months ago. We’re honestly ready to be back to our second home, and it’s time to put a Disney little magic in our lives again!

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