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Birthday on The Grand 1 | Walt Disney World

In my family we do Disney and birthdays big, so when MaNan {my grandmother} requested a whole family Disney World trip for her 70th birthday, we did it BIG!

So a little backstory: we ate at Narcoosee’s for MaNan’s 60th birthday and took this photo after dinner. For her 65th birthday, we ate at Kona and said that we were going to the Grand Floridian to recreate this photo, but we actually were going to get on the Grand 1 because she had always wanted to rent one of the boats for fireworks.

So fast forward 5 years to May 2018, and we were trying to pull off another Grand 1 surprise. We started with dinner at Ohana because it’s one of her favorite restaurants on property, and she thought that was the extent of it. At some point someone said “Oh we should actually go recreate that photo after dinner this year!” and MaNan said “I better not be getting on a boat tonight!” and we all panicked! Somehow we convinced her that we were really just going to take the picture, but dinner went long and the monorail went down, so John and my dad literally ran from the Polynesian lobby to the Grand Floridian docks to make sure that someone was on time for the reservation. The whole crew finally made it over, and, well, you can watch her reaction here:

MaNan did in fact get on a boat that night, and we had an incredible night! No one in the world deserves a birthday party on a yacht more than she does. She takes care of all of us, she’s never met a stranger, she would do anything for anyone if it would make their life a little easier, and she can cook, holy cow, can she cook! She feeds an army {family, same thing} of 30+ every week, and most of the family will probably starve if she ever stops cooking. Essentially, the McKneely family would fall apart without her. We love you a bushel and a peck, Nan!

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