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Life Lately

Well, we moved! And we liked it so much that we’re going to do it again in a few weeks! Okay, so not so much with the liking it, but we are moving again soon. When we were presented with the opportunity to move to Florida, we had 1 day {literally} to find a house. After checking out lots of options, we decided to go with new construction. Which was great because we got to customize it from the ground up, but less great because it wouldn’t be finished until at least the end of May and this was the beginning of March and we were moving in 2 weeks. This is what the house looked like the day that we signed papers. Pretty, isn’t it? {I’ll do a whole blog post about the process of the house once it’s done}

In the meantime, a couple from our new church has very {very very very} graciously allowed us to live in their mother-in-law suite, and we’re only about 10 minutes from where we’ll be living in our new house. We may be semi-living out of suitcases, and most of our stuff is in a storage unit, but not too shabby for a temporary place, am I right? John has gotten to kayak more in the last 2 months than in the last year, and it’s mostly because he can walk out of the front door and be in the bay in under 10 seconds.

I called my mom one day in the middle of the move and said “Mom, we are clearly supposed to be here. We couldn’t have made this work any better if we tried.” And it’s true. From the first message up to the move, everything happened in under 6 weeks, and it came together perfectly. I’ve never been more confident in a life decision other than trusting Jesus and marrying John.

So now for the why behind the move: John took a position as the Next Generations Pastor at The Point Church in Perdido Key, FL! What you may not know about John is that he has a Masters in Christian Education from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, and this new position was an almost word for word description of what he wanted to do with his degree.

Life has been 100% nonstop since we moved. Okay, really since before we moved. We thought that it would be fun to throw a trip to Hawaii in 5 days before we picked up the moving truck, and we were right. It was a blast! We saw lots of beautiful landscapes, parked on the side of the road and jumped in the ocean, and, most importantly, were attacked by a dinosaur. It was totally worth the extra craziness, and we can’t wait to go back!

The biggest life change in the last few months didn’t actually happen to us, but it happened to my sister and her husband. We became Aunt Jordan and Uncle John to a really cute baby named Maverick in April, and he doesn’t know it yet, but we’re totally going to be his favorites! He’s a little over a month old now, and I’m 100% in love with this kid. My sister is a champ and has been handling motherhood way more gracefully than I think that I ever could. She hasn’t really slept in, well, 2018, but she’s still killing it at this mom thing.

So yeah. Those are all of the Adventures of the Vickers between March and now. Hopefully the next big adventure will be moving into our house!

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