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FAQs: using a travel agent

As a travel agent, our goal is to help you get the best value for the best vacation for YOUR family. I read blogs, forums, websites, and everything else as well as travel to these destinations so I know as much as I can to help you plan the best vacation for YOU! For example, if you have small children who love watching Disney Jr and want to meet characters, your vacation to Orlando will look completely different than a vacation for a family with teenage children who love Harry Potter and want to ride rollercoasters. I talk to people all of the time who have read 100,000 articles about what to do on a vacation from Pinterest who are now absolutely overwhelmed with information and are more confused than they were to begin with. It’s our job to talk to you and figure out what your wants, needs, and wishes are so I can do my absolute best to make them happen!
So now onto my most frequently asked questions:

1. What vacations can you book?

• Travel Agents can book pretty much any vacation that you can imagine as long as they have been trained on the vendor. Some examples of common destinations are:

  • Walt Disney World
  • Disney Cruise Line
  • Disneyland
  • Aulani – A Disney Resort
  • Adventures by Disney
  • Universal Orlando
  • Royal Caribbean Cruise Line
  • Carnival Cruise Line
  • Sandals & Beaches
  • Atlantis Bahamas Resort
  • SeaWorld {Orlando, San Diego, San Antonio}
  • Busch Gardens {Tampa, Williamsburg}
  • Discovery Cove {Orlando}
  • Legoland {Florida, California}
  • Hotel Only Reservations in Cities Around the World
  • Vacation Packages {with or without airfare} to Cities Around the World

2. Why should I use a Travel Agent? Can’t I just book it myself on the internet?

• Yes, you absolutely can book it yourself on the internet. But you also have to handle your dining reservations, ticket purchases {if not included in your package}, transportation bookings, flight bookings, reservation changes, continuous discount checking, and a million other moving parts. If you’re at the doctor dealing with a sick child 3 days before your trip, would you rather you or your TA be on hold with the vendor trying to move your vacation dates?

3. But how much extra is that going to cost?

• Nothing. Yes, you read that correctly. It costs you absolutely nothing to book with a travel agent as opposed to booking it yourself. TAs are paid commission by the vendor {Disney, Universal, Royal Caribbean, etc}, but this does not add anything to your price! So booking through a TA means that you’re getting the same price, the same product, and you don’t have to lift a finger if you don’t want to.

4. But I like planning it. Can I not do that if I book through you?

• Absolutely not! Some people love planning trips {I’m one of them, obviously}, and you are more than welcome to plan as much or as little as you would like! If you want to book all of your dining, go for it! If you want to plan out every day, go for it! But this way, you get to do the fun planning things and we get to do the less fun things like wait on hold or deal with last minute travel changes.

5. If I book with you now, what happens if a better price comes out later?

• We constantly check for new discounts and price changes until the day that you make your final payment. Most of the time this happens without you even knowing about it. For example, if a new discount comes out, your TA automatically applys the best discount possible to your reservation. Discount release days usually start by 5am for travel agents, so we probably have applied your discount before you even wake up. If you wait later in the day, the discount may or may not be still available for your resort or your dates. Also, if you want to add the discount after planning the vacation yourself, you could be spending HOURS on hold with the vendor, and I’m not exaggerating. Call hold times were up to 8 hours for some discount releases in 2016 {specifically Disney World discount releases}.

6. What if I only need park passes? Can you still help me?

• Definitely! You can purchase park passes through a TA to any of the vendors they are authorized through for the same price that you would get them from the vendor. If you have a timeshare and stay there instead of on property, great! But just because you aren’t staying on property doesn’t mean that you don’t need to buy park passes, and we’re more than happy to help with that and help you come up with the best plan for your family while you’re in the parks {including dining reservations}.

So if you’re ready to book your next vacation, contact your travel agent today! If you don’t have a travel agent, we recommend using Embrace the Journey Travel for all of your travel needs.
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