Meet Little Vickers

Elizabeth Joy Vickers

12.5.19| 8lbs 3oz | 19.5”

Labor + Delivery

I’m not going to lie, I was one of the lucky ones. Short of mildly passing out when I got my IV, the whole labor + delivery process was a breeze!

Labor Timeline:

  • 6:00am | Started Induction {3cm}
  • 7:00aam | Broke my Water
  • 11:30am | Epidural {4cm}
  • 12:30pm | hit 10cm, did a few practice pushes, + waited on my doctor because FIVE of us decided to deliver at the same time
  • 1:27pm | Eliza Joy arrived!

Like I said, lucky one. However, back labor is no stinking joke, and it literally felt like my tailbone was going to explode. 10/10 would not recommend that, but epidurals are magical. I was mostly just excited for it to be over, to not be pregnant anymore, and to finally meet Eliza.

Here are some of our favorite photos of the day! I’m forever thankful for @lindelouphoto_ being there to not just take all of these incredible photos, but coach, support, and even help me figure out how to get Eliza to latch because only a real friend will grab your boob to help you feed your child!

Meeting the Fam

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