Holiday Gift Guide

With the season of sales and shopping upon us, we thought that we would give you guys a gift guide of items that we both love and use! These items cover a variety of categories, styles, and price points to hit everyone on your list, and we’ll keep adding to these lists as we find great deals throughout the holiday season!

Guy Gift Guide

Guys are so hard to shop for {at least the ones in my life are} and I never feel like I got them the right thing. Most men in my life get gift cards for holidays because that’s just who I am as a person, but if you’re looking for something more, try one of these options! {they’re all John approved – especially the DryBar Hairbrush!}

Girl Gift Guide

These items work for your sister {in law}, mom, best friend, aunt, basically any female in your life. Whether you need an easy gift for a work gift exchange or something fancy for your mom, these gifts are perfect! 

Goer Gift Guide

You can find all of these items plus a few more here!

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