So You Want to Start a Blog?

When I decided to start our blog, I wasn’t really ready to jump in head first with it. I signed up for a free account, didn’t buy a domain, and I kind of phoned it in with the blog posts for a few weeks before I got busy/bored and quit. I wasn’t really feeling the posts, I couldn’t get my layout right, and I just wasn’t proud of my blog.

So in January, I decided to do the blog thing for real. I read what felt like hundreds of blogs about making a blog, and this is the process that I finally decided to use:

  1. Find a Web Hosting Service.
    • I chose SiteGround because it seemed easy and straightforward. I went with the StartUp Plan, and it has worked perfectly! They also have options for transferring existing blogs, buying/renewing domain names, and so much more. You also have unlimited email addresses through SiteGround, so if you want a hello@ or info@ or anything else for your contact information, it’s included in the StartUp plan as well! Once you have your account set up, you can set your email addresses here.
  2. Create a account.
    • They’re known for their 5 minute installation, and it really was that easy! You can just pick your favorite theme and drag and drop files or you can customize this site as much as you want, so it really seems to work for all levels of blogging. The biggest selling point to me was that I could be a baby blog with the easy start up, but I wasn’t going to outgrow this platform if my baby became a big blog down the road. Also, their phone app is incredible, and you can write, format, and post just like you can from the desktop version – definitely a must have for a blogger on the go!
  3. Blog your little heart out!
    • Blog about something that you’re passionate about! If you don’t love it, you aren’t going to love writing about it, and that’s a quick way to lose momentum when it comes to blogging.

So let’s talk about Step 3 for a second. Getting to the thing that you love is going to look different for each person. For us, it started with wanting to write about Disney and create pages that would help my clients plan their trips. Actually, it started with an Instagram account called Vickers Do Disney that then became a blog, but about a year ago, Adventures of the Vickers was born. Clearly, we still do Disney, but we’ve spent the last year traveling to other places as well, and we wanted our blog to include that. So now we have moved to Florida, our blog is going to include a ton more about our new local area as well. So it’s totally okay for your blog to change with your life changes, but it’s good to stick with the same general theme. For us, that’s adventure, travel, and lots of eating.

Once you find your area, do something different with it, give some kind of insight that others aren’t, and find your little corner of the internet. If you’re saying the same thing that hundreds of other people are saying too, you aren’t going to stand out. So if you’re going to write about travel, find something that you do different from someone else. If you’re going to write about restaurants, write about ones that no one else is writing about or put a different spin on it. You get the idea. Be different!

So with all of that said, have FUN with your blog! You’re creating this place for you to share, and if you aren’t enjoying it, why do it, you know? Happy writing!

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