Post the Picture Anyway

Let me preface this by saying that I am not writing this for someone to tell me that I’m pretty. I would actually prefer that you didn’t because compliments make me incredibly uncomfortable. John will confirm that.

This isn’t your typical travel blog post. We aren’t going to talk about cheap snacks or park tips. I’m writing this because I have albums of vacation photos that I am too self conscious to post, and I can almost guarantee that you have a few too. I need you to read this before you start deleting photos from your camera roll.

I was sitting by the pool at the Polynesian Resort a few weekends ago wearing my favorite new swimsuit and drinking pog juice out of a pineapple, and it was a moment that I wanted documented. So I asked John to take a few photos {and by few, he now understands that means 42 photos with different poses and angles}, and then he handed the camera back to me so I could see them. I instantly jumped to “oh my arm looks really fat there”, “that’s a lot of stretch marks”, and “wow, Jordan, maybe cool it on the food for a few days” as 99% of humans do.

But I was determined to get a cute picture of me being happy and sitting by the pool with my pineapple, so I asked John to take a few more. Shockingly {not really at all}, I thought that the next batch of photos was just as bad as the first. There were rolls and creases and fat in all of the same places as before. But do you know what else was there that I was ignoring? How happy I looked in the pictures! I was happy in that moment, and I was on the verge of throwing that happiness away over a few photos.

So a filter or two later and after almost throwing up, I posted this photo on my personal Instagram account anyway.

You may look at this picture and think “oh she’s put on a few pounds” and move on with your life. Or you may not even notice because, contrary to popular belief, most people don’t spend their days focusing on what’s wrong with me or other people. But the reality is that you will probably look at this picture and not see every. single. thing. that I think is wrong with my body. I know that because I don’t look at pictures of you and see everything that you think is wrong either. We are more critical of ourselves than anyone else will ever be of us {at least 99.9% of the time}. And guess what…no one commented on my picture and told me that I looked fat.

So here’s what I decided while looking at pictures of myself that day:

If your arm looks fat…post the picture anyway.

If you can count your stretch marks…post the picture anyway.

If you can see your jelly rolls…post the picture anyway.

If you are happy…definitely post the freaking picture anyway!

You’ll be glad that you did ❤

You can find my swimsuit here, but if you want a little more coverage, I also loved this one but I was a little too tall for it.

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